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    Ball mill can broken different materials

    Source: Huahong Machinery By HUAHONGMAC Posted: 2014-5-7 15:37:38

    Attritor mill used in ceramic industry, generally are all wet.Central cylinder of the feeding mouth (or manhole) for loading, unloading and workers overhaul cylinder internal purposes.Every time a batch of material after fine grinding, will end mill operation, open the lid of the loading port, with a short tube with holes, then cylinder rotation, use mouth towards the ground, so the cylinder body slurry can flow out.Unloading installation is the purpose of the short tube in order to prevent the cylinder grinding medium with tube materials discharged from the body.

    In the process of cement production, a large number of solid materials, fuel and semi-finished products such as after grinding.As one of the main raw material must pass a crushing limestone.Crushing refers to solid materials under the action of external force, the cohesive force between the molecules and make solid material appearance size from large to small, material particle specific surface area of the process of change from small to large.According to the degree of thickness of material crushing and can be divided into two crushing and grinding process.

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