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    Stone Crushing Plant With Capacity 80-100 TPH

    Source: Huahong Machinery By HUAHONGMAC Posted: 2013-4-9 10:47:31

    This crushing line can be used to crush limestone, granite, kaolinite, aggregate, gravel sand, gold ore, etc. It’s specially designed for output of 50-70 tph. In this crushing and screening plant, we choose vibrating feeder to feed jaw crusher PE500*750 whose capacity can be up to 45-80 tph. Secondary crushing equipment is impact crusher PF1010 whose capacity is 50-80 tph. For screening materials for different sizes, vibrating screen is playing its role.

    This crushing and screening plant is designed considering the raw materials’ real situation and the specific requirement. It’s really suitable for small quarry crushing line.

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