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    Briquette shaping machine

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    Honeycomb briquette machine

    Detailed Product Description honeycomb briquetting machine:

    1. high capacity, low energy consumption

    2. reasonable structure honeycomb briquetting machine: Parameter of honeycomb briquetting machine: FM series of honeycomb briquette is the latest models ,in addition to whole transport planes ,all other components fixed to the chassis with a new design ,compact ,high accuracy . This kind of machine can process circular honeycomb ,a variety of sizes ,number of holes can meet customer’s special requirement.

    Model WLT-120 WLT-140 WLT-160 WLT-220
    Capacity 45 briquette/ min 45 b/min 45 b/min 26 b/min
    Dia. of the briquetteΦ100~120mmΦ100~140mmΦ100~160mmΦ100~220mm
    Hardness 60 ~90kg 60 ~90kg 60 ~90kg 60~120 kg
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